Attach iso to vmware VM

Hello, i need some help to understand how the users can attach an OS iso (to reinstall the VM) trough
the cloud view… somebody can help me ?


You should stop VM and attack ISO disk. You can’t attack ISO disk when the VM is running.

thanks… i attached the iso image, but i didnt still understand how the VM user owner can attach the iso from the opennebula (cloud view) panel.

change VM.attachdisk from false to true on /etc/one/sunstone-views/cloud.yml and restart sunstone.

done already but i cannot see the function to add a iso image to vm when i logged as customer into the panel…

You can find the attach disk button on cloud view > click on VM > Storage tab > Attach disk (check the image below).

my mistake… di didnt enable the vm_storage_tab
thank you so much vynt-kenshiro