Auth with REMOTE_USER in Sunstone


I need help for understand remote auth in Sunstone, using nginx. I am using OpenNebula 5.4 OVA image for tests. I do this:

  • In /etc/one/sunstone-server.conf:
    :auth: remote

  • Created user:
    $ oneuser create teste4 “teste4@TEST” --driver public

  • My nginx.conf:

    location / {
    auth_basic “closed site”;
    auth_basic_user_file /etc/nginx/htpasswd;

  • In /etc/nginx/htpasswd:

Running with this configuration, after auth poup-up I click in “Login” button, but not happend nothing. Where am I going wrong?

PS: I’m using Nginx, but if need use Apache, I accept this solution too.

Can anyone help-me?

I’m almost there! What I already did:

1 - Install Nginx and Passenger, with this commands:
# curl -sSL | bash
# gem install passenger
# passenger-install-nginx-module

2 - Added in nginx.conf:
http {

passenger_default_user oneadmin;

location / {
root /usr/lib/one/sunstone/public;
auth_basic “closed site”;
auth_basic_user_file /etc/nginx/htpasswd;
passenger_enabled on;
passenger_sticky_sessions on;

I authenticate user OK and when click in “Login” starts load of dashboard, but in this point pop up authentication window again, and stay in this loop. Any ideas or suggestions?