Deploy sunstone on Nginx

Hello guys,

We are trying to deploy a High Availability arcithitecture. This is our deploy:

1 VM - MariaDB1
1 VM - ONE/Sched
1 VM’s - Sunstone on Nginx with Passenger

Everything seems to be OK, the website is working and the ONE is reaching the DB.

But the only big problem is when we are trying to connect the opennebula to VCenter then we get an exception with the error: “You have to provide the vcenter username, password and hostname”

We are trying to solve this problem for a week with no success, we checked what happens if we are using only sunstone on a seperate VM (without NGINX) and it’s working - !

We are sure it’s the NGINX - but we don’t know where is the problem !

NGINX Configuration:

passenger_enable on; underscores_in_headers on; proxy_pass_request_headers on;

Please ?


I’m using KVM node and Nginx as reverse proxy for Sunstone. Everything work ok.

No one ? we stuck here …

the underscores in headers NGINX configuration should do the trick.

In any case, we are tackling this for the upcoming (shortly) 5.2 release:

I suggest waiting for this release to get this working.