Automatically adding virtual machines from opennebula to guacamole

I have opennebula 6.8.0 and apache guacamole 1.5.5 installed on one server
The list of accounts in these two services is repeated.
I need help, I want to make sure that after creating a virtual machine in opennebula, it is automatically added as a VNC connection to the same user who created it. How can I do it?

You only need to define the TYPE=VNC and LISTEN attributes on the GRAPHICS section in the VM Template. The VNC server will be launched in the virtualization host where the VM will be running and any user that can reach said host:port will be able to access it. If you want to protect it, add a PASSWORD also in the GRAPHICS section.

Can you tell me how to access the serveradmin account?
when I change the password on it according to this instruction:
oneuser passwd 1 --sha256
echo ‘serveradmin:PASSWORD’ > /var/lib/one/.one/oneflow_auth
echo ‘serveradmin:PASSWORD’ > /var/lib/one/.one/ec2_auth
echo ‘serveradmin:PASSWORD’ > /var/lib/one/.one/onegate_auth
echo ‘serveradmin:PASSWORD’ > /var/lib/one/.one/occi_auth
echo ‘serveradmin:PASSWORD’ > /var/lib/one/.one/sunstone_auth
systemctl restart opennebula opennebula-sunstone opennebula-fireedge
I lose access to the service, trying to log in with any account I get the error: Opennebula is not runnin or there was a server exception

I also don’t understand how to get opennebula api keys.

I need this to send post requests to the server at domain:2633/RPC2

Sorry for the stupid questions, I’m new to this

serveradmin is a special user intended to be used by complementary opennebula services like sunstone and fireedge. In order to figure out why those services are failing check their dedicated logs at /var/log/one/<sunstone>.log and /var/log/one/<fireeddge>.log , also their systemd units log.