Apache Guacamole Integration Linux

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I install opennebula with guacamole integration and oneflow service everything working fine, no issues, follow official documention and integrate it work well with windows RDP connection but in linux only ssh connection i got it, VNC i can’t connect, even give VNC Port like 29876, 5944 search it but not have documentation for that, help me for that.

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
OS: Ubuntu 22.04
Hypervisor: Opennebula 6.6
VM: Ubuntu 22.04(Jammy Jellyfish)

Steps to reproduce:

Current results:
Unable to connect to VNC server

Expected results:
Need to connect with VNC Server


Could you please attach the vm template where you’re trying to connect to try to reproduce your problem? Also, what hypervisor are you using (kvm, lxc, …)


Hi dcarracedo,
Myself using KVM Hypervisor, Installed Guacamole at same opennebula server trying to connect with VM via VNC guacamole, but connect with opennebula VNC it can’t connect with guacamole UI VNC.
This is template for oneflow service:
“name”: “Linux Pool”,
“deployment”: “straight”,
“description”: “”,
“roles”: [
“name”: “Linux”,
“cardinality”: 1,
“vm_template”: 1,
“vm_template_contents”: "NIC = [\n NAME = "_NIC0",\n NETWORK_ID = "$External" ]\n ",
“elasticity_policies”: ,
“ready_status_gate”: false,
“automatic_deletion”: false,
“networks”: {
“External”: “M|network|| |id:2”
“registration_time”: 1697010270

This is template for Linux VM:
AS_UID = “2”
PASSWORD = “guR82PUTZqNXay1xL/t8Sg==”,
CPU = “1”
DISK = [
IMAGE_ID = “5” ]
LISTEN = “”,
TYPE = “VNC” ]
LOGO = “images/logos/ubuntu.png”
MEMORY = “8192”
NIC = [
NETWORK = “Ajax-ExternalNEW”,
NETWORK_UNAME = “oneadmin”,
OS = [
ARCH = “x86_64”,
VCPU = “2”

Hello Jagathees_b,

Thanks for the info!

Reviewing it I would like to do some tests and maybe we need some more info.

The template of the vm when the vm is instantiated shows a port on the GRAPHICS session. For example, if you vm is called vm01 you can get this info with the command “onevm show -x vm01” and you gonna get the complete template with a GRAPHICS section like the following example:


So, after this step, use a vnc client like vncviewer to connect to the vm like:

vncviewer host:port

Where host is the name of the host where the vm is deployed and port, the port of GRAPHICS section. In my example, if the host is “nodeKvm” I have to do the following:

vcnviewer nodeKvm:6096

So, if you execute that command, the connection is working for you?

If the response it’s yes, please, copy me the command that you executed with vcnviewer and the configuration of guacamole client (usually on /etc/guacamole/user-mapping.xml) to review how the connection is configured.