How to connect vOneCloud to my guacamole server?


I’m using vOneCloud for a proof of concept OpenNebula project. I would like to integrate OpenNebula to my Guacamole server, such as in the post “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) at the Edge with OpenNebula”

Fireedge is up and running. Now, I would like to now hot to connect both so that after a service and a VM are created Guacamole creates a connection for the VM.

Should I change Fireedge guacd connection do my own external guacd, or is it the opposite?

So, how to proceed?


  • vOnecloud
  • Guacamole docker installation.


  • As a service and a VM are created in Sunstone console, a connection to this machine is created in Guacamole.

Hi @marcusrocha,

To use a different guacd connection instead of default (localhost:4822) , you need to configure the FireEdge server:

  • guacd/port
  • guacd/host


Hi, @sbetanzos !

I have already tried to:

  • Change FireEdge configuration to use my own guacd;
  • Change my Guacamole to use FireEdge’s guacd.

However, I still cannot reproduce what I have seen in the video Using OpenNebula for Handling WFH Demands for VDI at the Edge - OpenNebula – Open Source Cloud & Edge Computing Platform (minute 6). According to this video, you should be able to automate the creation of Guacamole Connections as you create a new service using SunStone interface.