Guac HTML5 option for controlling VM not showing in GUI


I’m referring to the RDP with FireEdge section (Managing Virtual Machines Instances — OpenNebula 6.0.2 documentation)

The connect via browser option is not showing in the instances tab. I would like to retrieve hyperlinks to access virtual machines, for virtual desktop distribution. The hyperlinks would be used by non-opennebula users, are there any other options I should explore?

The opennebula-fireedge and opennebula-guacd services are running, I tried to install apache guacamole separately and edit the fireedge-server.conf file and uncommenting the “guacd:” part

Hello @anoesheartje ,

To connect via browser from Sunstone, you have two options:

  • Enable the paremeter get_extended_vm_info in sunstone conf. Remember restart Sunstone service after changes.

  • Through the detailed view of the VM, at the top you should see a blue dropdown button with the remote connections availables.


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Hello @sbetanzos ,

This worked for me, thank you very much!

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