Build 3 DELL node for test ON

We would like to test and evaluate opennebula on the following nodes

3 nodes
Dual socket 10C/20T
2 x SSD Raid 1 > operating system
6 x SSD direct > storage
10Gbit network

The goal is to create a kvm cluster, managed with opennebula, with HA for VM and ON Cloud Frontend

We are starting to delve into the documentation, but we have several basic doubts :slight_smile:

  1. we need to build first node with KVM onboard and then create VM for Opennebula Cloud Frontend?
  2. the other 2 node can be auto deployed from ON Cloud Frontend as ON Edge ?
  3. building of storage for HA can be choice/managed from Cloud Frontend or must done direct on single node? ON have integrated solutions or we need, for example, to setting CEPH or similar?
  4. if we use Edge cluster the ON hybrid cloud 3-tier replica whatโ€™s done exactly?
  5. we can use 3 nodes for: VM ON Cloud Frontend and VMs, all under full HA, container and object storage services?

We speak always about Enterprise Edition

Thanks for any help, support, sugges :slight_smile: