Building machines fails, but vcenter connection working

I’m heaving strange problem where when I’m building new machine I get the following error in the log:
Could not find information driver vcenter.

However, I imported few machines that already existed in vcenter and they are being monitored fine from nebula, which tells me that my connection is fine. I suspect that this is something wrong with my settings in the host

Where do you suggest to look for an error ?

to solve that issue with your settings, simply edit your /etc/one/oned.conf file and uncomment the following section:

IM_MAD = [
NAME = “vcenter”,
SUNSTONE_NAME = “VMWare vCenter”,
EXECUTABLE = “one_im_sh”,
ARGUMENTS = “-c -t 15 -r 0 vcenter” ]

That will enable the Information Driver once you restart your opennebula service.


That worked.