vCenter host in stuck in init status

Our vmware vCenter host is showing the status of INIT.

When the vCenter was first add the the cluster added into open nebula I could see the Wilds no problem.

I have added that datastores into storage no problem.

I then entered in my NSX-t credentials and from this moment on I am unable to see anything under Wilds or ESX. The host under “Hosts” has a status of INIT, even after leaving for a few hours. Rebooting the Open Nebula VM does nothing.

I am able to import the virtual networks from NSX-t no problem.

Main problem seems to be the Status stuck in INIT, not showing Wilds from the cluster, not showing ESX info and is also not showing the resource maximum’s.

Has anyone had this or how to fix this?

I originally deployed the vOneCloud and had this same issue and then deployed Open Nebula to a Ubuntu 18.04 vm.

The version of Open Nebula is “OpenNebula”

Hello Lucas,

In order to help you, we need more information from you.

First of all, it is knowing that if you can reproduce it every time you follow these steps, or if something happens rarely.

Next, we need you to change the debug level to a level 5 and the monitoring debug level also to the maximum level.

You can read more about logging and debugging here.

When you make this change, restart OpenNebula and wait at least 20 minutes. And send us the following files