Host Stuck in monitoring_init

When i add a vcenter cluster through the add host in the gui it gets added without errors but then just sits a monitoring_init status. it never displays anything else and i am not able to deploy vm’s to that host. Can someone please help resolve this. version 4.12.

Hi Orlando,
What hypervisor are you using?
Could you confirm you suited all requirements for the ONE host e.g. ssh-password less access from frontend to hosts e.t.c.?

Tray to read quick start guide (you also didn’t inform about Linux distr):

If you’d like to get more comprehension about monitoring process please read this

Hi Mike,

I am running opennebula 4.12 on CentOS 6.6 x64. I think I have the password less stuff setup but the documentation for this was not easy to follow. Are there any checks I can do to see if the password less stuff is configured correctly and could you point to some documentation how to configure this on vcenter 5.5 with esxi5.5 hosts.

P.S. I am able to add VMware hosts directly but not through the vcenter.

Thanks Orlando,
Unfortunately I’ve never configured ONE with VMWare, there is a different method of host monitoring, you should suit following requirements:
VI API access to the ESX hosts.
ESX hosts configured to work with OpenNebula
But I can’t support you in details. Did you try the guide below?

For VMware we recommend to use vcenter drivers.

Do you get error messages in /var/log/on/oned.log? Look for a line that says:

Monitoring host <your host> (<host id>)

After that one you should see more information on what’s happening.


This issue has been resolved. I had a space in the name of the cluster I was trying to import which was causing the issue. After I removed the space I was able to import the cluster with no problems.