Can I restart opennebula service without shutting down the VMs?

I have CentOS7 and Opennebula 4.12.

I have enabled LDAP authentication following the documentation here:

I restarted opennebula-sunstone service, but LDAP authentication still doesn’t take effect.
Now, I am assuming that I have to restart opennebula service, too. Can I do that without shutting down the VMs? Will they suffer if I do the restart?


if you have MV running or poweroff you can restart one service.

you can not restart one daemon if your mv are deploying, epilog, prolog or any state that involves actions at DDBB

for example, some times at work we need to restart one daemon, we have about 200mv running and there are no problem whit it.

Thanks! I just restarted it with no problem. A note to other people:

NOTE: Following the documentation, you need to recursively copy a folder. Don’t forget to chown the folder if you copied as root:

chown -R oneadmin:oneadmin /var/lib/one/remotes/auth/default/