Can i use .bz2 while creating image file for Ubuntu OS

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Hi, I am new to open nebula and ubuntu OS, As I am creating an image file for Ubuntu OS image have a doubt as the downloaded image has .bz2 extention so can I use the same in the image creation script or convert the file (if so how do I do it? )

Please help and I apologize if this is a amateur ask.

NAME = “ubuntu1604-img”
PATH = “
DRIVER = “qcow2”

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What hypervisor are you using ? If it’s kvm you need to get the qcow2 file out

Bzip2 -d (filename)

Then you can use this, however the best way would be using the marketplace inages they are only small and you can just add them easily.

Thank you Dave for looking into this and replying, I think I got what I am looking for…

Yes we are using kvm and got the qcow2 out with help of "bzip2 -d "

Appreciate your help.