VM error when i start

I have installed the open nebula 4.14.2 in the ubuntu 15.04 and i have configured all the necessary configuration of images, templates, host and created the Virtual machine.

Image used in CentOS6.5.qcow2 version. Let me know how to resolve this error

Please help me with this error. waiting for positive reply.

VM’disk have a problem. You should show more information for debug, example datastores, oned.log when start VM.

The qcow2 version you are using is not compatible with that hypervisor version. You can fix it by running: qemu-img amend -f qcow2 -o compat=0.10 <disk> and reimporting in OpenNebula.

Thanx for the reply i have used kvm from marketplace… now the help is need to access the vm using inc access without password for that i have uploaded the images with configuration in network. When i ping i can’t get reply from vm please help me