Problems creating VM

I just created my cousin VM. Front and Node are starting up on Ubuntu 20.04 and both have “kvm-ok” running. I took advantage of an image downloaded from the CentOS page, which is centos7. This is the error it generates:

Does anyone know why this error is generated? Because when I create a VM with an ISO downloaded on the left side of the O.N GUI “STORAGE> APPLICATIONS” If the machine boots but when I do it with an own ISO that I upload to ON, I get that error.

Hello @c.ramos,

It seems you are using an image which is not in QCOW2 format. You can:

  • Check the format of the image using the command oneimage show <IMAGE_ID>.
  • And check the real image format by running the command file /var/lib/one/datastores/<IAMGE_DS>/<IMAGE>.

Then fix the information using the command oneimage update.