Can we set or modify datastore ID?

Hello, i am pretty new with openNebula and I am discovering the solution.

I am currently setting some lvm datastore and ,as I am testing, I created and deleted some datastore.
Id of datastore increasing each time, forcing me to rename my VG’s each time.
Is there a way to manually set this ID, or change it after creation of the datastore ?


Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
Centos 7, ONE 5.6

1 Open Nebula frontend (only frontend, doesn’t host VM)
2 nodes with no frontends

Hi jcharles,

sadly is not possible to change the id of any object in opennebula, this is self-managed by oned daemon.

However its possible to change the name of the datastore, you can use such name as an identificator due to it is not possible to have two datastores with the same name.