Cannot find the Integrated OpenNebula SSH Authentication Agent

Having just installed the Open Nebula software on a new frontend server and on a new node I now cannot get the integrated ssh daemon working, it looks like it hasn’t been installed.

O/S: CentOS 7
ON: 5.12

Steps to reproduce:
Install the s/w as per documentation:
$ sudo yum install opennebula-server opennebula-sunstone opennebula-ruby opennebula-gate opennebula-flow

Current results:
sudo systemctl status opennenbula-ssh-agent.service Unit opennenbula-ssh-agent.service could not be found.

Expected results:
I expect to be able to configure the passwordless access without having to deal with the standard ssh file.

Hello, name of the service wrapper is opennebula-ssh-agent.service. Best, Vlastimil

Hi @vholer. I made a fresh new installation of OpenNebula Front-end and LXD Nodes version 6. I’m trying to use this ssh-agent service, but it is not working with the nodes.

When I looked at the service status using the sudo systemctl status opennebula-ssh-agent.service command, it seems that it added the identity of front-end.

I tried to add the node in Sunstone, but it got an error - Permission denied (publickey,password).

Is there any manual configuration that needs to be made in the nodes ?

Hello @Anderson,

the nodes need to have Front-end’s public key (/var/lib/one/.ssh/ placed in their authorized keys (/var/lib/one/.ssh/authorized_keys) to make passwordless login work. See more in

What you need to achive is that similar command from Front-end to your hypervisor Node works:

root@frontend# SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/run/one/ssh-agent.sock ssh oneadmin@lxc-node1