Cannot open VNC console


I have problems to open VNC console of virtual machines.

I activated gdb server on a esx server. After, before importing machines, I modified .vmx file of a test virtual machine.

I added this lines on a .vmx file.
remoteDisplay.vnc.enabled = "TRUE"
remoteDisplay.vnc.password = "password"
remoteDisplay.vnc.port = “5907”

After, I imported a virtual machine. I can start, stop, restart virtual machine, but the vnc icon is grey…and i can not open vnc console.

Anyone can help me?


Can you show your VM template? Do you have section “GRAPHICS”& “INPUT” in your vm template?

What you need see?

This is a production virtual machine. What is this sections? I have to do more changes?

Thans a lot.

I could set the graphic to the machine and now I get the vnc icon.

But I try to connect and have this error:

Failed to connect to server (code: 1006)

I installed the sunstone and continuous alike.

Any suggestions?

Besides, there is a way to configure the graphic part for all imported machines? Or the only way is to do machine by machine?


AFAIK, you need to do for each VM individually.

You verify the noVNC service is running and the port is accessible. After check the VNC port for that VM.

If I chech opennebula-novnc service, the status is active. This is the service that you say?
What is the port of noVNC for check if is accessible?

I see that after importing virtual machine, changes that I had in the .vmx file, dissapear. It’s normal?

It’s necessary install other service in opennebula appliance?

If i try to connect by vnc viewer to a virtual machine, I can!

I have this configuration in opennebula virtual machine conf:

In opennebula I have this service running:
[root@localhost bin]# sunstone-server start
VNC proxy started
[root@localhost bin]# novnc-server status
VNC is running

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