Cannot reset forum password


I’m not able to reset my forum password. Whenever i try to reset it i get “Sorry, your token has expired. Please try resetting your password again.”

I only can use the forum because my browser knows the password.

thanks and cheers

Can you try opening an incognito window, clicking in “Log In” and then “I forgot my password”?

I am not familiar with the internals of Discourse software. It could be a time problem (your machine has a wrong time/date) or something like that. I’ve tested it with my account and it does not give any error.

Hello Javi.

The inkonito tab did not do the trick sadly. I guess tthis is a DB error somewhere. Thanks so far.


I see that your user has github account linked. You should be able to log in using the github account. Maybe if it does not work log out and log in back again in github. Maybe the problem is that token.

Hi Javi.

You are right. Logging out and in again did the trick. Sorry for the noise.