Can't connect to sunstone - connection refused

OS Ubuntu 18.04?, OpenNebula 5.8
If you connect via hhtp or telnet, the result is one - connection refused.
I have two servers, are a water network, are connected to each other directly(without intermediate switching or routing) network connectivity between them is. The firewall is disabled, all services are working fine:


It does not matter where to connect from, from the server gdre running ON or from another server… The result is the same. here is the output of telnet and hhtp:

I can’t figure out what the problem is.

Hello @Vladislav

As I can see in the telnet, you are doing it to port 9862, but Sunstone is running on 9869, could you please try the telnet to that port?

Also you are trying to connect to, but you have Sunstone running on localhost, you can change the address where Sunstone listens on the sunstone-server.conf located in '/etc/one`.

Thanks for the answer.

Port changed to 9870, the result is the same:


Connecting from the second server - SSH example ()

Connecting from the second server - Port example 9870

When I correct in sunstone settings:
It - image
On this( Server address where sunstone is located) - image

Here is what we observe:

Telnet -

Http !!! Connection does not drop but -

I don’t understand anything … On the server, besides ON, there is nothing, the installation was done by the instruction - … Several times it has already been creating sevrer - ON …
I would be grateful for the help.

Do you see any error on the browser console?

I did not understand the question.
If I don’t get the hosts address in sunstone.cfg, then I get an error - refuse connection.
If I check on the IP address of the server where the sunstone is located, then the web page opens with an error, as in the picture above …

XML-RPC API available?

Use large letters. RPC2.

Large letters -

Maybe someone else has some suggestions about the reason for not working sanstone?

Could you take a look at /var/log/one/sunstone.error and /var/log/one/sunstone.log in the server when Sunstone is running? Is there any error there?

Thanks for answers…

Sunstone is running:

Firewall status:

Port status:

There are no errors in the log files !!!


There are errors only in sched.log

I can not understand what is wrong so …!!!:disappointed_relieved:
Refused - image

Do you have firewalld or some other firewall running?

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Аhuertas, Barte1by!!
Thank you for help …
The reason for blocking access was on the local computer where you installed the antivirus using a firewall.
I ran a virtualbox (VB) on the local computer, I created a virtual machine inside VB. Although the interfaces between the virtual machines in VB were configured as a local network, but since VB traffic passed through a real network adapter, port 9869 was blocked. I did not know that in the case of network configuration in VB as a local network, the traffic is transferred through the physical interface.