CE Patch Release is Available

Here you have the final release of our Community Edition Series 5! :rocket: As we announced last year, now that OpenNebula 6.0 “Mutara” is out this version comes already with the open source migration packages that you will need to upgrade your old versions to the CE Series 5 :nerd_face: Enjoy!

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Does version 6 community comes with an open source migration tool as well ?

Isn’t it obvious that this will happen after 6.2 is out?

The open source migration packages for CE 6.0 will be available after we release version 6.2, yes. In the meantime, @Alexander_Litvak, if yours is a non-commercial deployment, you can get them from here:

Hello @amarti , does this release contains all fixes from EE 5.12 version as you promised here?

What the Enterprise Edition brings along are additional bug fixes developed by OpenNebula Systems and software patches with minor enhancements. At the end of each maintenance cycle , we contribute those additions back to the Community Edition, so that EE and CE are in sync for each new Major/Minor release

Thank you!

Hi @feldsam

We contribute all bug fixes and software patches with minor enhancements that OpenNebula Systems develops during the previous maintenance cycle to the new Major/Minor CE, so in this case CE 6.0 = EE 6.0. That’s what “EE and CE are in sync for each new Major/Minor release” means.

CE Patch Releases, as described in our Release Policy, come only with critical bug fixes and, at the end of a maintenance cycle (like now), with the open source migration packages.


It is not obvious to me because migration package comes in 5.12.04 and I assume that you can migrate from 5.10.x to 5.12.04. If I understand correctly, the publicly (no conditions) available migration from 5.12.0x to 6.0.x will come in the last update of 6.0.x.

Sorry for the confusion,

Happy to help with this, @Alexander_Litvak, it can be a bit confusing, I know :slight_smile: Yes, the open source migration packages to upgrade to CE 6.0.x will be made available through a final, end-of-cycle CE Patch Release (similar to yesterday’s CE, once we’ve launched EE/CE 6.2 stable.

Currently the 6.2 is out so as you wrote, the community upgrade to 6.0 should be available? But where do I get it? Last public opennebula-migration package I have found is in 5.12 repository.

Hi @LEI! We’ll be publishing a Patch Release (CE in a few days time. It’ll come with the open sourced migrators. Keep tuned :slight_smile: