EE 6.0.2 and CE Available for Download

OpenNebula EE Maintenance Release 6.0.2 and CE Patch Release are now both available for download :nerd_face: Enjoy!

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the upgrade procedure to get CE from CE 5.10.1 is the same that the procedure to get CE from CE 5.10.1? Is it mandatory to apply the “migration-community” scripts (6.0.0. zip version) to get a correct update during database upgrade?

I need to know it because I’m going to upgrade my 5.10.1 server next week and all test I did (in VM OpenNebula server) were from 5.10.1 to and applying “migration-community 6.0.0” scripts.


Hi, @Daniel_Ruiz_Molina!
Yes, it’s the same procedure :slight_smile:

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