CE Patch Release is Available

Hello everyone!
Now that the new version 6.4 “Archeon” is out, we’ve just released the final CE Patch Release for 6.2 “Red Square”, which as promised comes with the open sourced migration packages you need to upgrade from older versions to 6.2 :nerd_face: Enjoy!


Hello, when you plan to syncronize 6.2-ce with 6.2-ee according to this Release Policy · OpenNebula/one Wiki · GitHub

Thank you for info!

Hi @feldsam!
Synchronization between CE and EE took place when we released 6.4.0 a few weeks ago: https://opennebula.io/opennebula-6-4-archeon-is-out/

I couldn’t seem to find the repository for CentOS 8. Was this missed out by any chance?

Hi @javier.wong! Version only came with packages for CentOS 7, yes. From OpenNebula 6.4 onwards, we are publishing packages for AlmaLinux instead.

Thanks @amarti, any simple way for community editions to upgrade to if running on CentOS 8? or is it suggested to move straight to AlmaLinux or other distros?

Migration to version 6.2.x running on AlmaLinux 8 has only been tested for our Enterprise Edition, so we can’t guarantee everything will be fine for the CE… The safe option would be to wait until migrators for 6.4 CE are open sourced once the next version is out.

Thanks again @amarti , managed to successfully migrate to AlmaLinux 8 and upgraded to

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Great! Good to know it works all right :+1: