Ceph Datastore Setup


We are trying to setup ceph for the datastore. We were following the opennnebula documentation

In the Node Setup section:

“The ceph client tools must be available in the node”

For the above line do we need to install anything on the Host Node ?

"The mon daemon must be defined in the ceph.conf for all the node"
In the Front End Node we have the ceph.conf file. Do we need to modify this file and copy it to the Host Nodes?


Make sure Ceph work before you add Ceph into OpenNebula. You should read the link http://www.virtualtothecore.com/en/adventures-with-ceph-storage-part-5-install-ceph-in-the-lab/

This means that the virtualization nodes must be able to connect to ceph, using a ceph-key.

This means that ceph.conf, which is used by all ceph-osd-servers and ceph-mons has to have a piece defining the ceph mon addresses. You also need this data when you add ceph as a datastore in opennebula.

basically, like vynt says, make sure you get a working ceph cluster with health OK first.
Then install the ceph client tools on your opennebula-hosts, I installed it on all opennebula-hosts.
When you create the ceph datastore, add all opennebula-hosts with the ceph client installed to your bridge_list, as ceph_host we added all ceph monitor addresses, plus the port. (i.e. mon01.ceph.local:6789)