Ceph version compatibility with OpenNebula 6.0

Hi, we recently updated our hypervisors to OpenNebula 6.0. We use Ceph as storage, currently on outdated version Mimic (13.2.). OpenNebula platform notes ( Platform Notes — OpenNebula 6.0.1 documentation ) states compatibility up to Ceph Nautilus 14.2. I found some people using Ceph Octopus 15.2 with OpenNebula. Could you please state if platform notes documentation is correct and I should not update Ceph to later than 14.2? If so, are there plans to support newer versions of Ceph? Thank you

Support for Octopus 15.2 should be officially added in a future release, probably 6.2.

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Ok, thanks for clarification.

@jorel, any chance we can also provide support for Takoyaki (たこ焼き) in v.6.2? :yum:


could somebody elaborate on what kind of support is needed?

From what I have seen so far the Ceph API is pretty stable, and most of the heavy lifting is done at Qemu level anyway - OpenNebula only uses the rbd(8) command, which should be more-or-less the same regardless of verision.

That said, my Ceph is currently at 14.2.latest only, I did not test 15.x or 16.x.



We list “supported” Ceph versions according to what we cover in our regular tests. But as you mentioned, Ceph API is stable and ONE only uses rbd, so practically almost any version should work.