Change disk path at kvm xml is possible?

Hi everybody,

I use opennebula with fs_lvm storage and share images with glusterfs. The data of vms exist on local storage on lvm partitions but unfortunately I can not easily shutdown my glusterfs storages. disk path vms (inside kvm xml) are /var/lib/one//datastores/0/78/disk.0 instead /dev/vg-one-0/lv-one-78-0.
disk0 is symlink to lvm partition disk.0 -> /dev/vg-one-0/lv-one-78-0 and this is so so bad way and can collapse my cluster and all our vms if glusterfs is gone away!

Is there any way, I can tell to opennebulla use absolute path (lvm path /dev/vg-one-0/lv-one-78-0 ) instead symlink path because symlink path exist on glusterfs storages but with lvm path I can easily turn off my glusterfs servers.

I use opennebula 5.4.5 with centos 7.4

Hi @novid,

If you check the opened file descriptors of the qemu-kvm process you’ll se that it is working wit hthe device mapper block device pointed by/ dev/{vg}/{lv}. You can try deleting or removing the symlink /var/lib/one//datastores/0/78/disk.0 - it will not affect the runnig VM. So if the VM disks are on local LVM then collapsing the filesystem on the host should not affect the running VMs.

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov

Thank you so much, I’ve done it already with “umount -l” and umount glusterfs directory, All vms works very well.

Thanks again.