LVM datastore does not connect to vg


We are deploing new 6.2 OpenNebula instance. I am trying to add LVM datastore according to documentation but it keeps utilizing the local storage. It created images as files it local filesystem. It is very simple KVM only deployment. Anyone had similar issue?

Thank you.


Note that for the case of LVM, there are two transfer modes available according to the documentation.

  • NFS mode : The image files are available directly in the Hosts through a distributed file system, e.g. NFS or GlusterFS ( fs_lvm ).
  • SSH mode : The image files are transferred to the Host through the SSH protocol ( fs_lvm_ssh ).

So the later will run the images using the local storage of the hypervisor.


Thank you for response. I am looking to use LVM not files.

Hi @Morpheus,

Note that for LVM drivers, images are stored as files in the image DS, and later converted to a LV when used by a VM into the system DS.