LVM datastore with shared Image datastore

Hi all,

I have successfully setup an shared Image datastore (based on NFS) and a shared System datastore (also NFS). Now I created an additional LVM System datastore. I belive it is working, at leas the correct size is shown.

However, I can’t instantiate any VM on that new datastore from the existing Image datastore. I always get:

[one.vm.deploy] Image Datastore does not support transfer mode: fs_lvm

I tried changing the “TM_MAD” value of the Image ds from “shared” to “fs_lvm” but the error is still the same.

I’m kinda confused here, why does an Image ds need to support any specific system datastore type? Shouldn’t the node simply create an lvm volume and copy the content of the respective Image into the new volume?

Also, where can I find the different possible values for e.g. “TM_MAD” ?

Thank you very much in advance!.



I just found out that this is impossible:

IMHO this should be specified in the manual more clearly at