Change user password in Fireedge

Hello Opennebula Teams,
A user logging into Fireedge cannot change their password. I copied the “user-tab.yaml” file from the admin folder to the user folder. In the user view interface, when I try to change the password, there are two messages:

However, I can change the password using the Sunstone interface.
With these error messages, I understand that the user does not have the right to administer themselves. I had to add the ACL to “@1 USER/@1 ADMIN *” (users belonging to the user group can administer users in the user group). After making this change, I could change the password in the user view interface.

Why doesn’t Sunstone require this ACL? Does the created ACL pose any security risks? Can a user with password-changing rights access other users within the same user group?

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs): Opennebula 6.8

Steps to reproduce: copy user-tab.yaml from admin folder to user folder, login as user, change password.

Current results: change ACL to change user password

Expected results: change user password like in sunstone (not change ACL or use a safer ACL.

Hello Khang_Nguyen_Phuc,

First, thanks for using the new FireEdge app, your feedback it’s very important for us.

About the problem, this is indeed a limitation on FireEdge so we create an issue to track the problem and solve in future versions (Change user password on FireEdge Sunstone · Issue #6471 · OpenNebula/one · GitHub).