Changing database from SQlite to Mysql

I followed the steps mentioned for changing to Mysql but I am unable to log in. I think I am doing something basically wrong. Can I change to Mysql after using SQlite for some time ? Or it should be done on a fresh install before starting first time ?

Found the answer here.

It seems that oned thinks the database is uninitialized, but the rest of the setup (.one/sunstone_auth etc.) does already exist. You have two possibilities:

either dump the original sqlite db, convert the dump to the MySQL format, insert the result to MySQL, and finally run “onedb fsck”,

or create a fresh installation, without any locally set up data such as ~/.one/sunstone_auth.

For my ONe cloud, i went the first way, and it worked.

"For my ONe cloud, i went the first way, and it worked "

Could you elaborate on how you did this ?

I don’t remember exactly, but something like this:

  • stop OpenNebula (especially oned)
  • sqlite3 one.db .dump > one.sqlite
  • < one.sqlite > one.mysql
    ( taken from stackexchange or something like that - search for “SQLite to MySQL conversion”
  • create an empty database on your MySQL server
  • verify that you can log into it from the host oned runs at
  • mysql -h host -u user -p password < one.mysql
  • edit oned.conf to reflect the new DB driver
  • onedb fsck -S host -u user -p password
  • rename one.db to something different just in case
  • start oned
  • profit!


Suppose for a fresh install with Mysql as backend … How do you prevent the default backend from kicking in ?

Comment it out in oned.conf?

It is worth noting that in OpenNebula 5.0 there will be a native way to do this:

$ onedb sqlite2mysql --help
        Migrates a SQLite OpenNebula Database to MySQL
        valid options: backup

That will be great. It will be nice if you ask during install itself about the choice of DB like , sqlite , mysql , postgresql or whatever !