Oned failed to start /usr/bin/one: line 117

I have freshly installed opennebula + mysql. but oned wont start. it fails with:

oned failed to start /usr/bin/one: line 117:  3572 Terminated              $ONE_SCHEDULER

and in logfile:

[ONE][E]: Password file /var/lib/one//.one/sunstone_auth already exists but OpenNebula is boostraping the database. Check your database configuration in oned.conf.

my database conf in oned.conf is correct:

DB = [
            backend = "mysql",
    server = "localhost",
    port = 0,
    user = "opennebula",
    passwd = "opennebula",
    db_name = "opennebula"

I have tested these credentials and they are working.

any ideas? im running ubuntu 14.04.2 and latest opennebula 4.12


i solved this by deleting /var/lib/one/.one/sunstone_auth , onegate_auth , oneflow_auth, occi_auth and ec2_auth .

any idea why these files were created before opennebula boostraped the database?

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This is probably because oned was started using sqlite or other mysql DB in
the first place. When it was started the second time, oned was going to
create the users but stopped because there are *_auth files from other DB.