Cloud Bursting for Amazon


I’m trying to configure cloud bursting for amazon.I have amazon account and im following this article.

I have uncommented ec2 in oned.conf file and entered my key information into ec2_driver.conf file.After i add host with following command. “onehost create ec2 --im ec2 --vm ec2” host is added but status shows as error. i checked oned logs and it shows this error. I search in Google but i could not find some useful information.As you all notice im very new to opennebula. What may cause this problem ? My ıd and secret key is correct i checked.

Thank you so much

Command execution fail: /var/lib/one/remotes/im/run_probes ec 2 /var/lib/one//datastores 4124 20 3 ec2
Sun Dec 25 08:02:40 2016 [Z0][InM][I]: /usr/lib/one/ruby/ec2_driver.rb:235:in initialize': access_key_id not defined for ec2 (RuntimeError) Sun Dec 25 08:02:40 2016 [Z0][InM][I]: from ./poll:33:innew’
Sun Dec 25 08:02:40 2016 [Z0][InM][I]: from ./poll:33:in `'
Sun Dec 25 08:02:40 2016 [Z0][InM][E]: Error executing poll
Sun Dec 25 08:02:40 2016 [Z0][InM][I]: ExitCode: 1
Sun Dec 25 08:02:40 2016 [Z0][ONE][E]: Error monitoring Host ec2 (3): Error executing poll

OK i fixed this. i was filling informations for us-West-2 for ec2_driver.conf

ı checked code on github for ec2_driver.rb seems it asks region property to be filled
raise “access_key_id not defined for #{host}” if @region[‘access_key_id’].nil?

so i filed informations also for default region and now connected to amazon.