ec2 host creation failed

I am trying to add an ec2 host.
I am following
I am using ruby 1.9.1 and aws-sdk-v1. I have used my ACCESS_KEY and SECRET_ACCESS_KEY for ec2 in /etc/one/ec2_driver.conf.

The oned.log is showing as follows

Fri Apr 15 23:29:26 2016 [InM][I]: Command execution fail: /var/lib/one/remotes/im/run_probes ec2 /var/lib/one//datastores 4124 20 4 ec2
Fri Apr 15 23:29:26 2016 [InM][I]: You are not authorized to perform this operation.
Fri Apr 15 23:29:26 2016 [InM][E]: Error executing poll
Fri Apr 15 23:29:26 2016 [InM][I]: ExitCode: 255
Fri Apr 15 23:29:26 2016 [ONE][E]: Error monitoring Host ec2 (4): Error executing poll

I am unable to understand the problem…

Please help me out…

Thanks in advance for any kind of help…

What EC2 region are you trying to use?

Please provide also the output of onehost list.

I have created host using following command…

onehost create ec2 --im ec2 --vm ec2 --net dummy

The default ec2 region I am using i.e us-east-1

And onehost list output STAT showing err

0 ec2 - 0 - - err

I have given one of my hostname ec2 and then was trying to add that host to private cloud.

Am I correct or doing something wrong?

Please help…