Cloud-Init OpenNebula datasource

Hi all,

I’ve recently realized that the cloud-init package has included (no idea from which version) a datasource supporting Opennebula.

Cloud-init doc

Is there the option to set up the contextualization of VMs using cloud-init instead of the official contextualizations packages? Has anyone played with it?

I think distros are integrating more and more stuff with cloud-init (not a good thing imho, deinstalling cloud-init is becoming harder and harder) and it might be interesting to have the option at least.


Hi @apoz,

basic functionality should still work, but the OpenNebula support hasn’t been updated for a while. I believe the IPv6 contextualization is missing, also I’m not sure how about the hot-plugged interfaces. So, if you are just happy with the SSH contextualization, and leave the network on DHCP, it may be happily used. Otherwise, only suitable for compatibility reasons (e.g. you have single image for different environments).

Problem with the distros is they aren’t updating the package(s) quick enough. Firstly, new OpenNebula supported feature would take some time (weeks to months) to merge into the cloud-init, and even more time (months to years) to show in the distros. Or, we would have to manage our fork. Or, provide our own packages for cloud-init, possible problems with having any differences between distro packages and own packages may appear.

Best regards,
Vlastimil Holer