Cloud Provider :: VDC or Groups

Hi folks,

Reading the OpenNebula documentation, I 'm a bit confused provide resources to my End Users.
When choose VDC and when choose Groups/User with quotas?

In both I can usage quotas to limit resources to users.

Could someone with more experience share his knowledge about this!?

Thanks in advance!




I had a similar question in this thread:

As for me, the question is still not completely answered. If I understand it correctly, the main difference is that VDC is a group of resources (VNETs, hosts, datastores), and you can allow a group of users to access a VDC in one simple operation.

Some of my questions remains, though: for example, an user which is member of more groups (e.g. bulk and production) AFAIK cannot choose to which VDC will a newly created VM be deployed (e.g. to distinguish between testing and production VMs).

My intend is to give all my users (students and faculty staff) access to at least some ONe resources, so that they can try things, deploy experimental VMs, etc. And then allow some of them (e.g. students enrolled in a particular course) access some more resources (e.g. access to the private VNET of that course, increased quota to accomodate for the resources needed in that particular course, etc.). So far I am not sure what is the best way to do it.

Hope this (at least a bit) helps,


Hello @Yenya,

Thank you by your feedback.
Well, I understood yours comments, but I’m still confused wehehe. In my case My main idea it is focused to CloudProvider, and I think that I can limit a resources to one user or group using Quotas, and Using a VDC with quotas I will get the same result (I imagine this).

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