User & group & cluster & vdc & zone


I’m trying to setup a zone&vdc environment by following the doc here:

Here’s my architecture:
Two zones: One master, one slave
Two clusters on each zone (lets say Cluster1, 2,3,4) . Each cluster consists several hosts, vnets, datastores.

Brwosing through zones with oneadmin is OK.

Then, created a group, let’s say VDC1_admins. All values are default, except I checked " Allow users to view the VMs and Services of other users in the same group " and VNets boxes in Permissions tab.

Created a user, let’s say testuser and added it to VDC1_admins group.

Created a VDC (VDC1), group is VDC1_admins, resource is Cluster1

Now when I log in with testuser, sunstone shows nothing, all objects; vm, host, etc are 0.

What could be the problem?

Did you assign resources to the group? For instance, if you do not assign VMs or create VMs, you won’t see any.

By default, any user other than oneadmin won’t be using the admin view, and as such won’t have access to any physical hosts view.