Clox Page and two different image files

There are two different images on the Clox page clox
box0-v1.1-pine64.img.tar.gz and box99-v1.1-pine64.img.tar.gz. I think that the box99 one is front end the other one is the compute node.
Box0 image is working, boot without a problem but box99 image cant boot up the system.
Can someone clarify the issue?

Actually, box99 is the compute node and box0 is the frontend (a compute node identical to box99 but with an LXD container with OpenNebula inside). This is clarified here:

Both images should work fine, the have been tested several times. Perhaps an issue with the microSD card you are using or it got corrupted during the creation process?

Thanks for the clarification but if thats the case and box0 is the frontend. Where is the opennebula and opennebula-sunstone services? I havent seen any.

The original idea was that CloX was able to run in the same way for a 1RPi scenario or for a scenario with lots of RPIs (or Pine64). Because of this, the frontend is “virtualized” inside box0, so this virtualized frontend will be able to manage it’s own node (box0) the same way it would with a really different node (box1, 2, …). This is useful for people that easily want to try it and for a better resource utilization (OpenNebula’s frontend runs so light that lots of resources are still available, it would be a waste not to use them :)) The frontend is running inside an LXD container. You can check it by logging to box0 and typing:

lxc list

You can also ssh inside the container, on the overview section from the doc you can see the explanation from the scenario.