Command to change Owner of VM Instance by opennebula CLI?

Is there any way(command) to change VM OWNER of existing VM Instance through CLI?

@ahuertas @feldsam : Could you please help on above query?

man onevm

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Thank you @feldsam
Following command worked for me:
onevm chown vm_id user_id group_id

Hi @feldsam @ahuertas : Could you please assist on following query as well:

We want to retrieve vm ids on the basis of certain filters(like user input value/tag value) by executing command ‘onevm list’(data can in any form like csv or json or tabular).

Don’t be lazy and read onevm command manual. There are several options, for filtering and also for output format

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  1. We tried mutiple combinations with commands ‘onevm list --filter column=value’ and ‘onevm list --list column’ for tabular data but these commands can apply filter on certain predefined columns(image attached for reference, only on these column filters can be applied), while we want to apply filter on the basis of user input/tag value

  2. Also we tried to retrieve data in csv/json format with command ‘onevm list --x/–j’, But unable to apply filter for csv/json to get the requied data as ‘–filter column=value’ does not work for csv/json

Could you please suggest something similar to ‘–filter column=value’ that can work with custome attributes/ user inputs.