OpenNebula Vm's report in excel sheet

I am trying to generate a report for exiting vm’s for user level by command (onevm list user name) but it not show all information like IP address, CPU, Memory ,Disk size and User Quota available . I have try by command (onevm show 2 | grep “search item”) but need for all vm’s information.

Do we have any Report export feature is available in OpenNebula to export all VM’s information from web page or by command line .

Group Quota command

onegroup show group_name
ID : 101
NAME : group_name


NUMBER OF VMS               MEMORY                  CPU     SYSTEM_DISK_SIZE
 22 /       -      162G /   194.3G     56.00 /    70.00        0M /        -

104 0 / - 0M / 78.1G

You can use the ‘list’ subcommands:

onevm list
onevm list -x

Thanks for your update i have already try onevm list command but i want to export some more information like Total Ram, CPU,Disk and IP address in proper format .

Try the “onevm list -x” option, it gives all the available information.

Thanks for your update, I have try onevm list -x command and it return with big output were i need to apply some filter to grep all require information, i am looking some export list features .

Do we have any facility on GUI or CLI for list export ??