Connect with VM's VNC without using sunstone


I’m using opennebula 4.14 in ubuntu 14.04.

I don’t want to use sunstone.
I’m creating vm using onevm command, and it is running. I can ssh my vm.

I want to connect with my vm’s vnc from browser with url.

How can i solve this? Please help me.

You can try just install the sunstone-novnc package and access thru it.

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@anandharaj Thank you for your suggestion.

Can i use any cli or api, to get the vm’s vnc url?

Or is there any other options to get the vm’s vnc url without using sunstone ui?

I can see my vnc url is http://sunstone:9869/vnc?host=sunstone&port=29876&token=wstalmylo7kzouq7f9n&encrypt=no&title=vmname&password=null

i can see that a new file is created here /var/lib/one/sunstone_vnc_tokens/one-24 with the following content
wstalmylo7kzouq7f9n: ONEHOST:7524

Any idea?


Do you able to install the “opennebula-novnc” package only? If yes, start the service by “service opennebula-novnc start” and try access using http://:29876/

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No, i can not install “opennebula-novnc” package only.
Actually i don’t know how install that package alone.


Currently there is no option to retrieve the token through the API, but it is in our roadmap:



Hi @dmolina,

Thank you:-)

Is it possible to use vnc, without sunstone?

My vnc url is showing as “”.

I want to share this url to someone, who doesn’t have my sunstone auth credentials.

Is this possible?


Is the option to retrive token through API available now.?
Is it possible to access VNC without sunstone UI? May be from a different vnc client?



We’d like to access VNC without sunstone too. Is there a way ? We are trying to use some hooks to activate some port redirections. Is there a CLI command to retrieve the actual host where a VM is running ? and its VNC port ?

EDIT: it’s done via a hook calling some iptables commands.

Best regards,

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Has this problem been solved?
I also encountered this problem.
I can get token,but The browser prompts me to enter a username password.
Users who can get URL do not know the username and password.
how did you solve the problem?