VNC Access without SUnstone auth

Hi Guys,
I have finally got a way to generate a VNC token upon VM creation and then take control of the VM token generation so I can use this on my external Site.

The issue I am having is in order to access the VNC URL the user must be authenticated via sunstone however I am trying to avoid this as the user is logging in twice.

I can generate a Link for VNC but once I click the Link I must authenticate first.

is there any possible way to access the VNC link without having to authticate with sunstone first.

Alternatively is there any way to Curl the Login page and authenticate without having to actually authenticate

I am trying this for testing

curl -k -d “username=oneadmin&password=THEPASSWORD&remember=remember” --dump-header headers

However I am getting the following:

Wed Feb 13 17:35:01 2019 [I]: Unauthorized login attempt
Wed Feb 13 17:35:01 2019 [I]: - - [13/Feb/2019:17:35:01 +0000] “POST /login HTTP/1.1” 401 - 0.0008

Any help or ideas / hacks here would be ace !!!