Contextualization not passing password to VM


I am using Opennebula 6.4.0, and I noticed that when creating VMs not accept root password defined in contextualization.

If I mount contextualization CD in VM, verify that password was not passed to VM:

cat /cd/

Has there been any change to that? I define this password in Sustone-> Templates-> Context-> User Inputs:
Type: password

Probably what doesn’t work is the interaction with the user input. There is a bug that might be related to it. Try setting the password with a static value and see if it works.

It seems to me to be a different problem than the above bug.

On the “Info” page, under “Attributes” it shows me the PASSWORD variable with the correct value. But in “Conf->CONTEXT” it shows in the PASSWORD a string (it looks like base64, but decoded is a binary) that is fixed, regardless of the password placed.

There were several issues with encrypted attributes solved in this issue, including encrypted attributes with user inputs. I think it covers your case. Resolved in release 6.4.1