Contextualization with vCenter 5.5 & vOneCloud 1.8


I’m trying to build Windows 2012 R2 templates to be used in vOneCloud 1.8.

It somehow seems that parameters are not passed from vOneCloud to virtual machines
created from that template. IP address doesn’t get set etc.

/var/lib/one/vms/*/deployment.0 files have all the correct information in them but
when i try to query context with vmware-tools:

vmtoolsd.exe --cmd “info-get guestinfo.opennebula.context”

response is: “No value found”

Windows packages for contextualization are also installed.

I’m using:

vOneCloud 1.8
vCenter Server Appliance 5.5 Update3
ESXi 5.5 Update3 hosts

Deployment file can be seen here:

Where should I look for solution?


Hi jaska,

I don’t deploy windows in my infrastructure, but I can definitely have a crack at it and determine if the issue is a bug, or an issue with the template. I’ll get back to you with my findings in a few hours.

I’ll try it both from OpenNebula 4.14 as well as vOneCloud 1.8.



Is it possible to debug how context is transferred to VM?

Context is correct when show with onevm:

onevm show ID

But nothing gets applied to VM.

I created Ubuntu template and that worked fine without any issues.


For vOneCloud related topics we have another forum. Can you please submit your questions there?

Thank you

Sure! Didn’t notice it earlier.