vCenter Contextualization

Iam trying to use Template Contextualization with vCenter (esx and vCenter are 5.1) ,

However when running " vmtoolsd --cmd ‘info-get guestinfo.opennebula.context’" I get
No value found

And when I search for opennebula.context in VM options -> configuration parameters I cant find anything (I want to add a screenshot but I cannot)

The values does exist in /var/lib/one/vms/XX/deployment.0 but some how it is not applied in the vCenter



vSphere 5.1 is not supported, and I’ve observed some differences in the way it handles extra config variables like the opennebula.context one. Do you have access to vSphere 5.5 or 6.0 to confirm this behaviour?

Thank you ! I’ll upgrade and re-test it to confirm.

Hi Tino, do you think this issue is also valid for a vcenter 5.5 environment with esxi5.1 hosts? I’v this kind of infrastructure and contextualization doesn’t work.



Possibly, I think it has more to do on how ESX handles the extra config attributes.

Hi Tibova, I can Confirm it works with vCenter 5.5 and ESXI 5.5 (it wont work with vc 5.5 and esx5.1)

Thank you.

I have run into this same problem, am running on vCenter 5.5 & ESXi 5.5 running vOneCloud 1.6, any pointers on what to check?



I’ve just upgraded to 1.6 , same problem here.
@tinova ? can you help us?


Can you send through the content of the deployment file?


If this is correct, the next step would be to run a deployment manually with some debug information to see if the value is passed correctly to vCenter.