Customizing UI of Sunstone

I want to change UI of the Open Nebula Sun Stone. For that I need to change the html files but don’t know the location of these files. Can someone help me locate these html files.

You can customize the appearanceof buttons and tabs in Sunstone, or replace logo’s with your own, see:

hope this is what u meant ?

Hello, I know that this is an old topic but I’m posting here to avoid creating a new one.

I would like to modify some html (erb) and CSS files. After editing them I have restarted the sunstone service in my vonecloud appliance but changes doesn’t appear, do I need to compile or somthing similar in order to update changes?


Answering myself:

In order to see if changes on erb files are applied I needed to restart the httpd service in my vonecloud appliance.

If you do changes in JS and CSS files, you need to rebuild assets

npm install
export PATH=$PATH:$PWD/node_modules/.bin

grunt --gruntfile ./Gruntfile.js sass
grunt --gruntfile ./Gruntfile.js requirejs
cp -f dist/main.js dist/main-dist.js
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