How to modify some specific tabs from the template view (creation, modification)

Hello all,

On previous version, 4.12.1, we had modified the /usr/lib/one/sunstone/public/js/plugins/templates-tab.js file in order to have our customized values for the slider maximum value for resource allocation (Memory, CPU, VCPU) and also, we have removed/hidden some tabs like the hypervisor tab, on the OS Booting tab the “Guest OS” and on the I/O tab removed the SDL option.

I would like to performance the same changes on the 4.14.2 but I am not sure about which file or files I need to modify and if I need to compile something or execute a specific command after this modification.

Could you please indicate me how to performance these modifications?

Thanks in advance,

I answer to myself :smile:

I have been following the following guide,

So for increase the slider maximum values for resource allocation, I have edited the following files:


And then, I needed to execute the following command in order to the changes take effect:

cd /usr/lib/one/sunstone/public/app/;grunt requirejs


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