Oneflow tabs in opennebula

Hi everyone,
We have installed a new cluster with opennebula Mutara (Community version). Everything seems to be working fine but now we would liket to make experiments with oneflow. With CLI seems to be OK but we have users that wants to use Sunstone templates to make their experiments. But the problem is that, even that the oneflow-templates-tab and oneflow-services-tab are enabled in the admin.yaml file, there are not such tabs in Sunstone. I’m connected as oneadmin so, at least, I would be able to see them. The service oneflow is up and running without errors. and the conf file to connect to sunstone seems to be also fine as we have no error messages about it.



Sunstone tabs for OneFlow are enabled in tab Services and Service Templates. Ref: Sunstone tabs for OneFlow ( Services and Service Templates )

H Suryapambagya

Found them Thanks a lot Harry.


Great, glad to hear that Fransicso.