Delete snapshot confusion


I want to delete snapshot on persistent disk image of VM, dunno why ONE do not let me.

Any suggestions ? I am running v 5.0.2 …

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hi, you shoud revert to snapshot 0 and them yu can try to delete snapshot 1

OK this works, but how to I delete snapshot 0 after snapshot 1 has been deleted?
This is error when I want to delete snapshot 0 (last made snapshot):
[VirtualMachineDiskSnapshotDelete] Cannot delete the active snapshot


There is an option to allow orphan snapshots introduced in v5.4.x but it depends on the storage back-end. After upgrade you’ll need to reconfigure opennebula and alter the database to enable this functionality for the current VMs. There are forum topics covering the reconfiguration procedure. The VMs created after the re-configuration should work on the fly.

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Anton Todorov

My storage back-end is Gluster volume (using libgfapi), Images are QCOW2. Do you know if gluster is supported ?