Delete VM without saving persistent image? posible?

in Opennebula 4, user can perform delete running VM whitout saving data (using persistent image).

But now, in Opennebula 5, user only perform Terminate and Terminate --hard (in both actions, if the machine image is persistent, the image will be saved to datastore)

There are any option in sunstone that user can execute to delete a running persistent image, but no coping that to the datastore? because i cant find it.

Thanks in advance.

its not possible now?



There is an option in Sunstone which can perform the same action as in OpenNebula 4. You can use recover delete.

Hi @ahuertas
The problem is that option is only available for oneadmin or “non” standar user. I tried to implement view in sunstone, but /recover/delete not work if the user is “user”

definitely there are no option about that…