Remove safely VM folder


after checking VMs list in Sunstone and compare ID list in both servers (my cluster is formed by one server that act as controller+KVM and another server that acts only as KVM), I have seen that there are several VMs folders in “datastore-0” (in both nodes) that belongs to VMs that, now, don’t exist (I can’t see them in Sunstone). So… can I delete safely that folders from “datastores” (running a simple “rm $VM_ID”) or a “delete” command would break database consistency?

This problem is wasting a lot of space in both servers.


Check first if the VMs are in DONE state. Sunstone displays the VMs in non DONE state but to be sure you can query the VM information with onevm show .

I have rechecked two VMs that not appear in Sunstone but their VM folder exist and, both, appear as “DONE” and in “virtual machine history”, last (or unique) action is “terminate”. However, their folder still exists.
So, if that VMs appear as “DONE”, could I remove their folder in “datastore 0” with no problem and surely?

And, as a curiosity, why is it happening this? Could be a problem in my servers configuration and/or OpenNebula configuration?